IT Consulting services: Keeping abreast to the changing technology and latest trends of various domains and vast consulting expertise, we provide cost effective and viable solutions to attain better operational excellence. Consulting includes providing assessment for automation opportunities, audit services for regulatory compliance, application consolidation recommendations etc.

 IT and ITES solutions: Software Development, Data processing, Web designing, Analysis & Report Generation for the given data, suggesting suitable Hardware & Software and assisting for setting up EDP departments.

 Hardware Services: We service computers either desktop or laptop. We also upgrade them by identifying suitable hardware for efficiency and speed with customized components.

 Imagesetter services: We service Scitex-Dolev-Creo-Kodak CTF and CTP imagesetting machines and its related processors.
 Photo plotting services: Film plotting for PCB, Gerber to film plotting, PCB software to film plotting, CAD/CAM software to film plotting.

 Film output services: Film output for pre-press, single color film output, color separated film output

 PCB preprocess services: We accept input files in the form of Gerber or PCB design files and provide high quality film for PCB manufacturing. We have a proven record of providing high precision film output for single or multi-layer boards.

 Printing prepress services: We offer film output for prepress and have been consistent in providing 0% error tolerance on registration for multi-color separation.

 Interface Solutions: Upgrade PCB-CNC machines using emulators and convert them to suit the current technological requirement by connecting them to a laptop







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