Established in-house infrastructure including digital typesetting unit to support printing industry and digital plotting unit for PCB industry. From the inception, we had been constantly upgrading our infrastructure to improve efficiency and throughput and thereby servicing our customers with more agility and accuracy. We had expanded to make the plotters hardware agnostic, to increase size of the film output, seamless film processing from developing to drying, and established a service lab for hardware solutions. We have also changed the design of our office to preserve more client privacy.

 Our infrastructure development made possible by procuring machineries to suit the industry needs and trends that has helped the customers to meet their demands in time and quality. We also maintained the previous technology machineries so that customers’ needs are satisfied depending on their requirement in latest technology or previous technology.

 Our strength is in its commitment in delivering services with best of quality. With our experience and knowledge, we are capable of providing reliable solutions to suit the requirement. Process oriented methods to improve the decision-making process, to offer better customer service, to increase the return on investment and productivity. Our emphasis on quality and commitment to the profession surpasses any other objective in the conduct of affairs of the establishment.

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